Frequently Asked Questions

FAQs, Refund & Cancellation for Virtual Cycle Mission™

I JUST registered. Can I enter my previous logged distances?

Yes! Please feel free to enter any logged distances you have done so far from the opening date of this event: September 14th 2020.

Virtual Cycle Mission™ — What does "Virtual" mean?

Your distance is logged on a map! You can ride indoors or out, but you will be able to see your distance virtually. This will be great for the Winter / Spring 2021 adhering to the recommendations provided by the Government of Canada's Health Policy. 

For teams, does everyone have to do the full distance or is it cumulative?

Cumulative. It's teamwork! Each teammate's logged distances goes towards the mission's total kilometres. 

How long do I have to complete my Virtual Cycle Mission?

The registration opens up on Monday, September 14th 2020 and goes until 11:59:59pm ET on Sunday, September 5th 2021, the date set for the Closing Ceremonies of the 2021 Summer Games in Tokyo.

Register at any time. Complete your mission(s) before 11:59:59pm ET on Sunday, September 5th 2021 to earn your Medallion. 

Share the distance as a Team of 2–10, plus save on the registration. Click here to learn more about Teams.

Will the course be pre-set? Or can I make one up?

The distance is pre-set, but you can do the distance where ever you choose (in real life or on a trainer). You can do it at your own pace, as long as you finish by Sept 5th 2021. You can cycle on a bike trainer or choose your own outdoor means to bike (e.g. Road, Mountain, Fat Tire, BMX, TT, Gravel, Uni etc.).

We suggest you adhere to Public Health Agencies’ guidelines and try to stay within your neighbourhood. You can create fun loops - set-up, and tell your neighbours so they can cheer you on from their porches! Please practice Physical Distancing.

Will there be Event or Race Results For the Virtual Event?

Yes! You'll be able to view results on your own Profile as well as a LeaderBoard that is set-up to receive virtual results. You will need to use a tracking app, running watch or GPS device to record your time. Don't know what to use?...No stress as upload and participation instructions will be emailed to you after your registration has been processed, or continue reading below for more information - we're here to help!

The Virtual Cycle Mission™ team will confirm your account and event registration, and from here we'll send you an email with a link to your mission. You can also visit our Group Page on My Virtual Mission, and select your Mission from there. Once on your registered Virtual Cycle Mission™ select Join the Mission. Verified Registrations should receive access within 24 hours. A My Virtual Mission account is necessary to Join, your profile can be set up within a few minutes whether you're registering as an individual or a team.

What type of bike is accepted for a Virtual Cycle Mission™?

Indoor or Outdoor cycling is 100% acceptable on any of these:

  • Road Bike
  • Mountain Bike
  • Gravel Bike
  • Fixie Bike
  • Fat Tire Bike
  • Time Trial Bike
  • Track Bike
  • Hand Cycle 
  • UniCycle
  • Stationary / Exercise Bike (gym with distance monitor)

How do I Submit my 2020-2021 Virtual Results?

You can upload your distances directly from your tracking app, fit wearable or other form of GPS device you use to record your distance(s).

To submit your results, please follow these steps:

  1. Visit the Cross Canada Cycle Mission Group Page 
  2. Follow the Link provided once you are Registered, or find your mission on the Virtual Cycle Mission™ Group page.
  3. Create an Account or Log In to the software to Join the Mission.
  4. Go to the Mission page to Post A Distance. You will only be able to upload results to the event / race you’ve registered for. If you've pre-registered for multiple Missions submit your distances to 1 mission at a time.


If you designated a Team Captain, they will share the Mission Link and instructions on How to Join your Mission as a Team. Be sure to include your Team Name and Team Participants in your Order Notes for us to easily establish your Team.

Once Registration is complete by the Team Captain or 1st Team member, our Virtual Cycle Mission™ team will send the link and Mission instructions to be shared with all the teammates. From this link each teammate will select your team from the drop down menu at the point of entry for your Mission. Please allow up to 2 business days to receive access to your Mission. Only Registered Virtual Cycle Mission™ participants will be accepted. 

Each participant on the team will be working together to achieve the overall distance goal. You follow the same instructions as individual participants above, and your Team will progress along the map as one! Note: On the Mission Map, Teams are represented by a square marker, and a custom image (we've opted to use some Emojis to get us all going, feel free to send us your Team Photo to us at

Of course for the competitive teams there will be Leaderboards that can be viewed if people on the team want to see how they are progressing in relation to others on the same Mission.

What Participant Amenities will I receive for the Virtual Event?

Participants will get to choose between Men's and Women's styles Cycling Jerseys. The Art Work on the Cycling Kits has been done by world renowned Coast Salish Artist Maynard Hayqwtun Johnny Jr. from British Columbia. Check out Maynard's Bio here to learn more.

For Individuals or teams that register to participate in a Province or Territory Mission they'll receive a Cycling Jersey upon registration, and a collective coin for that Mission when completed.

For individuals or teams that register to participate in the Cross Canada Virtual Cycle Mission, covering all 8 Missions, they'll receive a Jersey and Bib Cycling Kit upon registration, and the Engraved Plaque with medallions to fit in your Engraved Plaque for the Missions completed by Sep 5th, 2021.

Know that $25 for EVERY participant registered whether as an individual or as a team will be donated to support our Canadian Athletes through CAN Fund. To learn more about CAN Fund please click here for more information. A $25/per participant Tax Receipt will be issued by CAN Fund to the person/company who completes the purchase.

If you're interested in giving back more, consider making an additional donation.

Please share your virtual photos on social media using the hashtag #virtualcyclemisson2021

Will there be Awards for the Virtual Event?

Stay tuned as there are some great things coming as we roll out the 2020-2021 Virtual Cycle Mission™ with our focus being CANADA. We are working to offer in time for early 2021 some additional fun "Milestone Challenges" that will be presented by Sponsors where random prizes will be drawn for those that take on this extra milestones. We promise to keep you updated here (or sign up for our newsletter & updates!)

Additionally, we are in the process of setting up the Cross Canada Virtual Cycling Mission Champions Cup that will go to the fastest Individual, Team of 2, Team of 5, 10 and Corporate Team to complete the entire distance of Canada.

We have also opened up teams to be from 2 to 10+ participants.

How can I verify my registration RIGHT NOW?

Already registered for the Cross Canada Virtual Cycle Mission? Go to your email link shared by the team at the Virtual Cycle Mission™ this will direct you to log in to your own Profile on the tracking software site to get to your registered mission or missions. If you have paid and registered but have NOT received an email to access your registered mission within 24 hours, first, apologies from our team, and second please email us at or book a time to chat live with someone online during business hours by clicking here (Monday to Friday, 9-5pm ET). Our customer support team will do their very best to get back to you within a 48 hour period.

Can I transfer from One Mission to Another Mission?

Unfortunately not. We are here to encourage as many participants to join in this great virtual event. Once you have completed registration, paid and been sent out the Mission Link with your Profile ready to go for that Mission you are unable to transfer, exchange or get a refund. Please be certain before you purchase your Mission that you are purchasing the one that you are 100% certain you're in to do. Don't forget that you can choose on a per Province / Territory basis or challenge yourself to ALL of Canada. [Note: If you register for one Province / Territory then complete this and wish to do another and you don't need another Cycling Jersey (you'll be able to opt out of receiving this the second time through saving on some costs].

Can I transfer my Virtual Entry to Another Person if I fall Sick or Injured?

Please send your request to and we'll do our best to support our participants in need of transferring their Event Entry in the case.

PLEASE NOTE: If the Virtual Cycle Mission™ team approves you to transfer your entry due to falling ill or because of a serious injury, the selected new rider to take over your entry will not be shipped out a Jersey or Cycling Kit or a Tax Receipt as this will have been sent to you the original registrant. They will be able to purchase on the Virtual Cycle Mission™ Website the Cycling Jersey (and other Apparel) should they wish too of course.

What is your Cancellation Policy?

Entry fees for participation are non-refundable under all circumstances. That means that once we receive and accept your entry and you've been sent your software link to participate, you will not receive a refund for any reason and you will not be able to defer your entry for another year. Refunds cannot be provided since funds will have been spent for the production of the custom jersey and / or kit to your size request, collective coins and most importantly the donation and pledge from each participant registered towards CAN Fund where a tax receipt will be issued.

If you are in need of transferring your entry to another person due to falling ill or having been injured, please see the section above this one for info on reaching out to our team to help. The goal of this event is to encourage as many people to want to participate, feel they are doing so at their own pace and that with others virtually you're helping make a difference by supporting our Canadian Athletes. It's also great bragging rights to be able to say that in a years time you'll have done the distance of crossing a Province or the Territories or better yet all of Canada to your cycling mates!

If we were still unable to answer your question...

Email our Team or call 613-897-1711