Create a Canada Strong Team

Team up with your Cycling Friends, Club or as a Corporate Team! Everyone combines their pledges as a team, see how much you can raise together. Each teammate completes the full chosen course Distance.

How to Get Your Team Started:

  • Determine your Team size (must be a group of 10+ riders to receive a discount)
  • Create a Team Name
  • Pick a Team Captain to gather your teammates Names and Emails, and complete the form below
  • Each teammate will receive their discount code to Register for the event
  • Or the Team Captain can Register for their teammates.

Available Discounts:

# of Riders Savings per Participant
10 + 5%
20 + 10%
30 + 12%

To receive your Team Discount, please complete the form providing:

1. A Unique Team Name.

2. Your choice of Fondo Course (if decided)

3. Team Captain's Name and Email.

4. In the message area, please add: All your Teammate's First, Last Names, and Emails so we can send out your individual discount codes. If the Team Captain would like to register their teammates, include your Teammates First and Last Names.