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From our small beginnings in 2008 we have worked hard in expanding our services and building our creative team to better serve local businesses on Vancouver Island. Our experienced team of 5 rad women working with local businesses helping them develop a professional visual brand identity. Whether it is designing marketing materials, developing a website, printing labels, business cards, and signs, or creating branded apparel, we do it all in house, saving you and your business valuable time. 

We also work with incredible local artists like Maynard Johnny Jr., where we can combine artistic mediums of traditional Coast Salish Art and digital design. We have been working with Maynard since 2012, digitizing his artwork for various applications such as this collaboration for the Cross Canada Virtual Cycling Mission. We are grateful to be a part of Maynard's journey as an artist and this opportunity to showcase our services. 

Identity Graphics

Strike Your Coin

Strike Your Coin is an event promotional company born out of a love of reinventing old things with a new life. Passionate about coins his whole life, owner and coin maker Arthur Ishkaev began offering a unique experience of making a coin the way coins were minted centuries ago.

Strike Your Coin creates custom coins for a variety of events like weddings, family reunions, corporate events etc. The coins can be produced in advance as well as during the event. By offering a value-added unique experience of striking a custom designed coin with a sledgehammer, Strike Your Coin ensures clients receive personalized products and services.

Make history - Strike Your Coin!

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Surge Activewear

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