Welcome to Your Canada Strong Mission

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On behalf of our team at Virtual Cycle Mission™ – we thank you for participating in a Canada Strong Mission.
The Virtual courses open on July 1st. You have until Sep 5th, 2021 to finish your mission.
Because of YOU, a Canadian Athlete will receive more support to help them along their athletic journey. Know that when you pull on your Canada Strong Virtual Cycle Mission™ apparel we hope you feel like a True and Strong Canadian Athlete. 
Join us in raising funds for CAN Fund, start your fundraising page! What's your goal?

Here is your To Do List:

THE PURPOSE OF A GRAN FONDO is to challenge yourself and complete the distance selected in 1 ride session.

  • A) Click your preferred Fondo distance below (The green buttons). NOTE: Once you REQUEST TO JOIN this will be your mission distance to complete between July 1st and September 5th 2021.
  • B) Click on the "JOIN" button.
  • C) Click "REQUEST TO JOIN".
  • D) If you are new to My Virtual Mission®, you will need to scroll down to "Sign up" to make a free account using your email address, or even easier, use the Facebook Login button. Otherwise, "Log In" to your My Virtual Mission® account. (Optional, if part of a Group ride, you can include the team name in your LAST Name during sign up. Ex: Jen Smith = Jen Smith Wheeling Wannabes)

Click the green button to select your distance

60KM (corto) 100KM (Centurion) 120KM (gran) 240KM (supr)

Step 2. (Optional but highly recommended) Download the free My Virtual Mission App by clicking the Apple or Android link below. Follow the steps to complete the download. Open the app then click "Login" using the account you just created in step 1. Once inside, customize your profile by uploading your own Profile Image.

You will now be setup with your own mission page. Inside the App settings (Top left 3 bars) or mission page (desktop), click “My Connections” then follow the steps to connect ONE of your automated trackers (Strava or Garmin or Apple...) to us. In order to track your time and distance accurately, we highly recommend that you make a free Strava account or use your existing one to be eligible if there are sponsor prizes. If your automated tracker is not on the list, you can do a manual entry after your ride in the “Progress” tab. But manual entry does not track time, therefore it would exclude you from possible sponsor prizes.

Apple AppAndroid App

Step 3. Please allow up to 2 business days for our team to verify your account & give you access. We are approving requests for July 1st. Only registered participants will be accepted. You will get a confirmation email once verified to start the mission.

Get ready to go the distance.

Your Canada Strong Mission Page is where you log your distance, view leaderboards, share your progress and more. See you on the virtual map!

Final Note: You have until September 5 2021 to complete your distance and earn your finisher's eCertificate!

Remember, you are part of a bigger movement & every pedal stroke you take matters.

Have questions on how to start your mission?

Check out all our Frequently Asked Questions here.

Or send our customer service team a message at info@virtualcyclemission.com.

Or call 613-897-1711 Monday to Friday 9am-5pm EST.