Welcome Team to Your Cross Canada Mission

Cross Canada Virtual Cycle Mission Medallions
On behalf of our team at Virtual Cycle Mission™ – we thank you and your team for participating in the Cross Canada Mission.
You have until Sep 5th, 2021 to finish your missions.
You can include distances you have already logged since Sep 14th, 2020!
Because of YOU, a Canadian Athlete will receive more support to help get them to the 2021 Summer Games in Tokyo & 2022 Winter Games in Beijing. Know that when you pull on your Virtual Cycle Mission™ apparel we hope you feel like a superhero & powerhouse, who's not only making a large contribution to our athletes, but also embarking on an incredible journey as a team.

Here is your To Do List:

1. JUST IN CASE: Ensure you registered with your correct Name, Email, Phone Number, Gear Size & Shipping Address by reviewing your order confirmation email. Double check your Team Name, Participant First and Last Names, and Teammate's Sizes too.

  • A) Click the green button below.
  • B) Click on the "JOIN " button.
  • C) Select your Team Name from the dropdown menu.
  • D) Click "REQUEST TO JOIN".
  • E) Sign up or Log In to My Virtual Mission® using Facebook or Sign Up by manually creating an account.

Start Here for the Cross Canada Mission

3. (Optional but recommended) Once inside, customize your profile by uploading your own Profile Image. Download the free My Virtual Mission App below to log your cycling on the go!

Apple AppAndroid App

4. Please allow up to 2 business days for our team to verify your account & give you access. Only registered participants will be accepted. You will get a confirmation email once verified to start the mission.

Please be very patient to receive your cycling gear. It is custom made for each participant. We batch all the production once per month. See all shipping information here.

5. Get ready to go the distance.
You will now be setup with your own mission page. Inside the App settings or mission page, click "My Connections" to connect your automated tracker (Strava or Garmin or Apple...). You can include most of your fitness activity like cycling, running, hiking... except for daily steps. If your automated tracker is not on the list, you can do manual entries after your rides in the "Progress" tab. If for example you have your Apple and your Garmin connected to your Strava account, then simply connect your Strava account to us. Otherwise there could be double entries. Once you cross Canada, you will automatically receive a new link for the Territories mission.
Cross Canada 7,652 KM + The Territories 3,167 KM.

Your Cross Canada Mission Page is where you log your distances, view leaderboards, share your progress and more. We will provide you access to The Territories mission, when your Cross Canada distance is complete!

Note: Pace yourself, you have until September 5 2021 to complete your Cross Canada and The Territories Missions. Make sure to finish on time to win your Medallions!

Remember, you are part of a bigger movement & every pedal stroke you take matters.

Have questions on how to start your mission?

Check out all our Frequently Asked Questions here.

Or send our customer service team a message at info@virtualcyclemission.com.